Puerto Rican, Who Made A Surprise Appearance At Backlash, Details His Relationship With Yokozuna And The Undertaker


Backlash 2023 has just ended and fans are already hailing it as one of the best WWE PLEs this year. One of the biggest reasons for this PLE becoming such a grand spectacle was the street fight between Bad Bunny and Damien Priest. But that match also saw a legend, who was close friends with The Undertaker, come out, which added to the excitement of the fans.

This legend wasn’t only one of the Taker’s friends back in the day, but also one of the biggest influences for Latin American wrestlers in WWE. Seeing one of the Puerto Rican legends in WWE come out during the biggest show in the country made for an amazing moment. This legend is none other than Taker and Yokozuna’s The Bone Street Krew member, Savio Vega.

WWE legend opens up about his relationship with the late great Yokozuna and The Undertaker

On the same day that he made his appearance at Backlash, Savio Vega also appeared on WrestlingNewsCo to talk about his past in WWE. He talked about everything from his beginnings in Puerto Rico to competing with the best wrestlers in the world after coming to WWE. But he detailed one aspect of his WWE career that most know about, his friendship with The Deadman.


About his friendship with the late great Yokozuna and Taker, Vega said, “Yoko had a great relationship with Mark. They were working together and came before I arrived. So Yoko knew me, so he introduced me to Taker. We became friends, and we clicked together. We took care of each other, and we traveled together.”


Then, he also opened up about how Yokozuna’s manager, Mr. Fuji helped him get accustomed to the wrestling style in WWE. Being from Puerto Rico, it was a cultural shift for Vega but he had friends in North America who certainly took care of each other.


This friendship quickly grew into The Bone Street Krew
This friend circle quickly became The Bone Street Krew, a response to The Kliq in WWE in the ’90s. Along with Vega, Taker, and Yokozuna, it also included Rikishi, The Godwinns, and the Godfather. This group was infamous for keeping peace in the locker room despite clashes with The Kliq.

Even after his retirement, Taker, with his buddies unveiled stories with the Krew back in the day in recent interviews. During his Survivor Series farewell as well as his Hall of Fame induction, his Krew was there to support The Deadman and they’ll continue to do so.


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