Scared For His Life Sylvester Stallone Was Too Wise When Straight Up Rejected Once In A Lifetime Offer From Mike Tyson


The creator and lead star of the Rocky franchise, Sylvester Stallone, has been in the industry for decades. Considering the film’s success, boxer and athlete Mike Tyson also wanted to star in the series. However, the Rambo actor rejected the offer to star alongside the boxing champion.

Sylvester Stallone Did Not Want to Star Alongside Mike Tyson
Despite the Rocky franchise’s popularity, the fifth installment in the film series was not able to live up to critics’ expectations. Considering Rocky V’s moderate reception, Sylvester Stallone wanted to take a different and intriguing approach for the sixth installment in the franchise.

Rocky Balboa, the sixth film in the film series, was released more than 15 years later. And having the boxing champion, Mike Tyson could have been than one different approach he was looking for. Fortunately, Tyson was also interested in having a part in the film.

He even campaigned for it upon learning that the makers were planning another movie. However, it w asn’t as fortunate for Stallone as he did not want to take his chances with Mike Tyson. During an interview, the First Blood actor shared that he considered it a “bad idea” as he was “still too young to die.”


But the former professional boxer was also adamant about getting a role in Rocky Balboa. Stallone shared, “But he kept calling the office saying he wanted to be in the film fighting me.” Eventually, Stallone had to give in to the boxer’s wish, and he finally got a part in the 2006 film on one condition.


Mike Tyson Featured in the 2006 Film in the Rocky Franchise
Considering Mike Tyson wanted a part in the film so desperately, Sylvester Stallone agreed to have him in the movie. However, he wanted to make sure that he did not have to face the sports star in the boxing ring. He told Tyson the same about the offer and that he would have to stay in the audience.

“I relented and said he could be in the audience. Then I never heard from him,” the actor shared. Although he did not hear anything from Tyson at the time, the Paradise Alley actor saw him during the filming. He was still not sure if Tyson would not get in the ring with him.

He told the crew to make sure the boxing star did not enter the ring because, as per the actor, “If he gets in, he’ll kill me.” Mike Tyson got a cameo in the 2006 film, in which he is seen taunting Rocky’s opponent Mason Dixon, portrayed by the former professional boxer Antonio Tarver.


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