315 Lb Bodybuilding Legend Ronnie Coleman Vs. 56-Year-Old Mike Tyson: “Tyson Throws One Punch And It’S Over”


G.O.A.T. bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman’s latest post sparked a debate among the bodybuilding and boxing community. In a recent YouTube video on his self-titled channel, he conducted an Ask Me Anything session, allowing fans to throw random questions at him. One particular query asked the athlete if he could make an interview with pro boxing icon Mike Tyson. To create intrigue on the matter, Coleman shared a post on Instagram featuring the two athletes, seemingly in a boxing match set up, spotlighting the fan’s question.

However, a part of the question was censored in the picture, which left both the boxing and bodybuilding fans overjoyed. Furthermore, Coleman’s caption on the post asked fans to take sides and that’s exactly what they did!

Ronnie Coleman vs Mike Tyson
The 58-year-old athlete posted a picture with bold fonts, implying Tyson going against him in a boxing duel. “The Kings vs. Iron” the post flashed, while the two athlete’s images were edited to make it seem like they are ready to fight. “Who do you all got?! @ronniecoleman8 x @miketyson,” the caption read, kick-starting the heated conversations as the post got flooded with comments.

Massive support for the 56-year-old Tyson followed, while some even slammed Coleman for pondering over it. Most comments claimed that the fight would be over in seconds, as Iron Mike is known to be particularly merciless inside the ring.


However, some of the fans were cognizant of the IFBB pro’s abilities and explicitly pointed out that support for Mike Tyson doesn’t mean the community doesn’t revere Coleman. They are G.O.A.Ts in their respective sports domains, and nothing could change that, but when comparing their flair in boxing, Tyson would take home the trophy.

Fans react to Ronnie Coleman’s post
In less than 10 hours, the post accumulated over 51.7k likes and, clearly, a plethora of insights. One fan stated with full confidence that Tyson would win, and wrote, “Tyson throws one punch and it’s over” whereas another expressed his support for the boxer while criticizing the whole domain of bodybuilders. The comment stated, “Tyson all day, no offense, but bodybuilders are the most unathletic athletes”

A comment speculated on the icons in a street fight and opined that Coleman might give Tyson a tough time, however, not implying that the bodybuilder would win. “Honestly in a street fight I’d say Ronnie has a decent chance not saying he’d win but it’d def be a good fight,” it read.

Other comments were “No disrespect But MY boy Mike Got this” and “Strength wise you, but Tyson is demolishing in a fight”


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