Weird Fact: WWE’S Drug Policy “Doesn’T Apply To Brock Lesnar”


Brock Lesnar gets away with a lot that other WWE stars might not be able to and a new report has noted that the company’s drug policy doesn’t even cover The Beast Incarnate.

Brock Lesnar conquered the world of pro wrestling before moving on to conquer the world of UFC becoming the first man to ever hold both the WWE Title and the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

In July 2016 while very much part of WWE again, Brock Lesnar returned to the Octagon for UFC 200 where he fought Mark Hunt. Lesnar originally won the fight but this was overturned to a no contest when Lesnar failed a drug test.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how the rules have been bent for Lesnar in the past in the way they haven’t been for other WWE stars and employees:

“Billy Gunn, if you remember when he was working for WWE, he was a coach and he did a powerlifting meet and in the powerlifting meet he tested positive for steroids and he got fired for that. Brock Lesnar did UFC, was an active wrestler – Billy w as not even an active wrestler – he tested positive, it wasn’t for steroids, but he failed a drug test and the response from WWE was the drug policy doesn’t apply to Brock Lesnar.


“I was amazed they told me that because I asked you know Brock just failed a drug test and in commission states in theory he should be suspended from commission states that regulate wrestling because that’s the rules. One year they actually had WrestleMania and Brock was in it and it put the commission in a bind because Brock was suspended. But they had to pretend they didn’t know or they had to Mickey Mouse things but it was an embarrassing thing for the commission because obviously Brock wasn’t gonna be banned from doing WrestleMania but he would have been banned from doing a fight.

“[…] The rules for Brock Lesnar are different across the board and not just because he can be on any brand at any time and that’s just how it is.”

Brock Lesnar made his presence felt on Raw in Jacksonville, one night after losing to Cody Rhodes in a bloody affair at Backlash. Lesnar set out the challenge to Rhodes for “a fight” between the two men at Night of Champions.


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