The Numbers Don’T Lie…Mike Tyson’S Prediction For Historic Fight, With $22,800,00 Gate And 1.2 Million Ppv Buys


Boxing has seen a lot of exciting matches. However, some conflicts stand out from the rest. Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis’ fight was one for the record books. The two lightweights engaged in a boxing match on April 22 in a display of exceptional skill inside the ring. Fans expected a knockout, and they received what they wanted. In addition, a number of prominent boxing figures, including none other than the former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, attended the T-Mobile Arena to watch this epic bout in person.

In fact, some boxing aficionados would say that Tyson was responsible for making the match. After all, it was he who set up the conversation between the two boxers and started discussing the bout on an edition of his podcast in 2020. Coincidentally, Tyson predicted this fight on the same show before the two engaged in combat. And lo and behold, his forecast was accurate.

Tyson hits the nail on the head with his prediction for Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight

In an episode of Hotboxin‘ with Mike Tyson, with Ne-Yo as the guest, Tyson made a prediction about the fight between Garcia and Davis. Tyson favored the Baltimore hard-hitter. And he did not believe that the fight would last too long.


Tyson said, “I don’t think it’s going to be a long fight. I could be wrong, five or six rounds. Tank’s coming out to kill you and not box around.” The 56-year-old also highlighted that Tank does go long and has done that in some of his previous fights. But, for the fight with Garcia, Tyson believed that ‘Tank’ was going to go straight at him without wasting any time.


He further added, ” Sometimes he box around, taking it into the long round so he could drown you. But, other than that, he’s gonna go straight at this guy.” It seems like Tyson was already sure of what was coming for the 24-year-old boxer and did not doubt Davis’s capabilities as a former three-division world champion.

And indeed, as predicted by Tyson, Tank went in for the ‘kill’ in the seventh round, and finished the match with a body shot that Garcia couldn’t recover from.

The numbers don’t lie…
Despite the result of the fight, Garcia was a part of history. And he is an equal representative of the 1.2 million PPV numbers and the Gate value of $22,800,00, the matchup between the two achieved. Both the boxers gave the fans a sensational performance. And showed that in boxing, the top contenders should fight each other.


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