WWE Legend, Makes a Hilarious Admission About The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver: “I Was 6’3” Before..”


The Undertaker dominated the squared circle for a long time. During all these years, there haven’t been many complaints about the wrestling star. However, an old opponent of The Phenom has recently raised his voice against him. Koko B. Ware recently tweeted while sharing a picture of him with The Undertaker during in-ring action.

The Hall of Famer wrote a hilarious caption over the picture. In the caption, he claimed that he was comparatively taller until the day Taker performed his f inisher on him. The story, the picture, and the caption all add up to be a hilarious internet moment.



The Undertaker cost ‘Birdman’ his height
One of the most highlighted qualities of Koko B. Ware was the theme song that he sang for himself. While several wrestlers have a custom song, not all of them have sung it for themselves like ‘Birdman’. Apart from this, another key event in his career was enduring The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver for the first time. Koko recently used this highlight recently to target Taker in a hilarious fashion.

He uploaded a picture of The Undertaker giving him the finisher move and wrote, “ I was 6’ 3” before this Tombstone. Thanks [Undertaker].” While B. Ware’s actual height is 5′ 7″, the former wrestler claims he was originally 6’3″, only six inches shorter than Taker, before he compressed his spine.


To see the former wrestler making light-hearted quips on social media must be a relief for his fans.

This is because B. Ware was rushed to the hospital due to a medical emergency a few months ago.

Koko B. Ware’s medical emergency
In December 2022, B. Ware was rushed to the hospital. Although there were not many updates about B. Ware’s health in between, it appears that the former wrestler eventually got better.

There was an endless line of prayers and wishes for the Hall of Famer to feel better soon. All those prayers, along with the commendable efforts of the medical professionals, appear to have changed the situation for the better.

Now that the wrestler is having fun on social media, fans could be feeling a little more at ease regarding his health concern.


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