After ‘Mistake’ In The Past By Mike Tyson, People See He Was Surrounded By The Wrong People


Boxing legend Mike Tyson has never shied away from discussing his prior drug problems in public. The former heavyweight champion’s turbulent career, which was marred by issues both inside and beyond the ring, was plagued by drug use for many years. ‘Iron’ Mike was eventually able to kick his addiction and change his life, despite overcoming many obstacles.

Since his challenges, he has worked to support those who are battling addiction and mental health problems. Furthermore, he has been honest about his battles with addiction and the impact it had on both his professional and personal lives.

Despite the progress he has made, a recently resurfaced picture of Tyson with a ‘powdered nose’ has reignited discussions about his past struggles with addiction. The photo, which appears to have been taken during a low point in Tyson’s life, has been doing rounds online. The picture was taken in 1988, three years after his mentor Cus D’Amato passed away. The photo poked fun at Tyson and claimed that this was due to powered ‘donuts’. “Mike Tyson enjoying powered donuts at a house party in 1998,” the post read.

Moreover, this was after ‘Iron’ Mike had become the youngest heavyweight champion and was at the ‘top of the world’, which only made him susceptible. This naturally prompted fans to reflect on the boxer’s journey. Many fans took it to the comments section of the post and reacted to the photo of the former champion.


Fans react to a resurfaced picture of Mike Tyson
A user named Olivia stated that Tyson was not surrounded by people who wanted to help him. She also called out the people who clicked the photo while ‘Iron’ Mike was in such a condition. “Definitely he was surrounded by the wrong people, the ones with the drugs and the ones taking his picture while he’s looking like this,” she wrote.


Another user named Garry claimed that he would not be around Tyson when he was in this state. “I would not want to be around him on c****e,” he wrote. Moreover, a user named April was not sure that Tyson ate powdered donuts. “I don’t think that’s from donuts,” she wrote.

In the same vein, a user named Janie claimed that this was not due to donuts. “Your know that is not no power donut,” he wrote. Lastly, a user named Sheri pointed out that all the powder was on Tyson’s nose. “Yeah from his nose,” she wrote.


It can be said that Tyson’s struggles with addiction only increased in the 90s. However, he eventually sought treatment and was able to turn his life around.

Now, as Tyson continues to move forward with his life, he remains a powerful symbol of ‘hope’. Although ‘Iron’ Mike’s journey has not been easy, he has shown that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to turn one’s life around.


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