Despite Mike Tyson Getting Pummeled After Their First Meeting, Cus D’Amato’s Bold Prediction Came True


Former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, is a living legend in the world of boxing.
Tyson awed fans and the boxing fraternity as a whole.

With his powerful performances, every time he stepped inside the ring.

Meanwhile, there is no denying that his trainer and father figure, Cus D’Amato had a major role in his success.

Tyson has often spoken about the relationship he had with D’Amato.

In fact, in his autobiography, he spoke about a particular prediction that D’Amato made about him.

Tyson released his autobiography Undisputed Truth, in 2013.

Moreover, this book co-written by Larry Sloman detailed Tyson’s journey from poverty to the pedestals of boxing.


Cus D’Amato believed that Mike Tyson will be the world champion
Page 43 of the autobiography had an excerpt from the time he met D’Amato.
Tyson had a rough childhood while growing up.
And, ended up at the Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown, New York.
This was when he was introduced to the former champion, Bobby Stewart.
In fact, the duo even engaged in a boxing session, with Tyson even throwing up after getting punched by Stewart.


However, Stewart saw potential in Tyson.
And took him to Catskill, New York. Where he introduced him to D’Amato.
Talking about meeting D’Amato, Tyson said, “Cus looked exactly like what you’d envision a hard-boiled boxing trainer to look like.”

D’Amato asked Tyson to spar with Stewart to deduce his skillset.
But, the session did not go as planned, and Tyson was subject to a brutal volley of punches. And ended up bleeding as a result.

D’Amato, however, was impressed with the young Tyson’s performance.
Tyson detailed D’Amato’s response in the book, saying, “When we got out of the ring.
Cus’s first words to Bobby were, ‘That’s the heavyweight champion of the world.’”

Being the skilled trainer that he was. There is no surprise that D’Amato was able to see Tyson’s potential.


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