Brock Lesnar Once ‘Knocked Out’ Conor McGregor Verbally for a Personal Reason


For Brock Lesnar, everything is possible. His career started off incredibly in WWE, and he proved himself yet again when he switched from WWE to UFC. Notably, Dana White had hit the jackpot after Lesnar joined the company and brought a throng of fervent WWE fans excited to see ‘the beast’ in action.

In addition to having a large following within the industry, he is renowned for being a man who will not tolerate anyone speaking negatively about him. Similarly, when former UFC champion Conor McGregor, attacked him a few years ago, he didn’t hold back and responded to him harshly in an interview.

He was questioned about a hypothetical match vs McGregor when speaking to NotSam. Replying to that, he stated, “I take s**ts bigger than that kid, all right. Come on guys, I know you guys all play f*** video games and you live in this f** fall sense of reality and s*it. I’m 200 and f** 90 pounds all right. This guy is 145 pounds. That’s if he’s lucky, gets up and eats his fuc*ingWheaties okay, all right?”

Further, he warned him for taking his name, “If Conor McGregor wants to say some s** to me and his name out there more than he already has by dropping in my name, I got f**king about 10 words for him, come here, face-to-face Conor all right and say to my face otherwise leave me the f*ck in WWE out of it because I came to your arena and kicked a*s know if you want anything so f** tough come to our arena and try to kick some a**.”


What was the reason behind Brock Lesnar taking a shot at Conor McGregor?
In one of his tweets from 2016, The Notorious made reference to the WWE roster.

The outspoken UFC superstar asserted that he could defeat any WWE competitor.

Additionally, he had personally name-dropped Brock Lesnar and other WWE stars in the UFC during a conference call for UFC 202. And this was the reason why Lesnar fired back at him.

They verbally sparred occasionally, but they never engaged in combat in the UFC or WWE. But on the day it takes place, it will undoubtedly rank among the most famous fights in MMA or professional wrestling history.


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