Mark Hunt’s Brutal KO Highlight Reel Shows What Brock Lesnar Is Up Against At UFC 200


Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC after a five year hiatus sees him face the sport’s most feared knockout artist in the ‘Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt.

For all the grief Brock Lesnar gets, having broken into MMA via the world of professional wrestling, he’s never taken the easy route.

The Minnesota monster continued in that vein yesterday when it was announced that his comeback fight at UFC 200 would be against none other than former UFC interim title challenger Mark Hunt.

Much like Lesnar, Hunt made his mark in the sport via a different ddiscipline.

The Aukland native won the prestigious 2001 K-1 World Grand Prix, knocking out kickboxing legend Jérôme Le Banner in the process.
Hunt’s striking credentials ensured that he was competitive in the realm of MMA, but grappling would prove to be his downfall, with six of his ten losses coming by submission.


An improvement in takedown defence and overall ground work was necessary, and will remain so against a former NCAA Division I All-American.


His ridiculous punching power in and technique with both hands though, as exemplified in his latest win above against Frank Mir, means that Hunt can never be counted out.

Indeed, Hunt opened with the bookies yesterday as a 1/2 favourite over Lesnar, and one can see why via UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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