Unleashing The Unseen Power: 5 Mind-Blowing Mike Tyson Knockouts That Became Reality


Due to his skill, he was able to knock out opponents, but he did it in a brutal, cruel manner, and fans simply loved the way he came off with his destroy-and-destroy mentality. And in this article, we’ll discuss the top five Mike Tyson knockouts that shocked the world.

Mike Tyson vs Marvis Frazier

Tyson’s bout with Marvis Frazier, in which he pummelled Frazier in under 30 seconds at the age of 20, demonstrated how splendid a fighter he was. Everyone in the arena and at home was in amazement at the fight once it ended.

In his twenty-fifth battle, he fired a barrage of blows in his signature fashion, including a stunning uppercut that brought Frazier to his knees. This match helped to describe what the word “annihilation” implies.


Michael Spinks

Given that Iron Mike risked his three titles in this battle with Michael Spinks, this is unquestionably one of his most significant knockouts. Another intriguing fact was that Donald Trump, a former US president, attended the bout with Muhammad Ali a legendary fighter.

The battle took a shocking turn for Spinks during the contest when Tyson hit him with a powerful punch, putting him on the mat for the first time in his professional career. He then knocked him out 90 seconds into the fight shortly after that.


Michael Johnson

In his eighth professional match, Mike Tyson met Michael Johnson in Atlantic City. See him finish the fight with a devastating right hand and win in less than 40 seconds.

This was the first time that he got victory in the first round and shocked the fans all over with his skills.

Larry Holmes
For those who don’t know, Muhammad Ali lost to Larry Holmes, and after that, Tyson spoke to him and promised to exact revenge. In keeping with his word, Tyson defeated the veteran in just four rounds.

When Holmes came out of retirement to face Tyson for huge money, he was in no way able to compete with the rising heavyweight phenom.

Buster Mathis Jr
Tyson’s outstanding boxing career was put to bed in 1992 when he was actually convicted and given a six-year jail term. After being out on probation three years later, he was eager to return to the ring as soon as possible. Fans, nevertheless, doubted that Tyson would be able to regain his prior form. But he proved wrong to everyone.

So, these are the top 5 KO victories of Mike Tyson. Which of his victories via knockout do you consider to be the greatest?


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