In the Ring of Destiny: When Michael Jordan Faced the Lightning Beast and His Unparalleled Boxing IQ – Mike Tyson


It’s probably one of the only times in his life when Michael Jordan didn’t show off to anyone. No wonder since Mike Tyson is neither more nor less than a legend of boxing.

In 1988, the two men were at the top of their game in their respective disciplines. Jordan is coming out of a prosperous year individually speaking (MVP, defender of the year, Slam Dunk Contest), while Tyson is undefeated world heavyweight champion.

During the year, they are both invited to a party at the home of one of the stars of US football at the time, Richard Dent. They sit face to face as the going gets tough.

“Mike was there drinking, and as soon as he drinks, his feelings flare. I tell the waiter to put water in his glasses because I saw what was going to happen,” said Rory Holloway, then manager of Tyson. Mike was just staring at Michael Jordan who was on the other side of the table.


And he’s like, ‘Dude, you think I’m stupid. I know you f***** with my b*****!’ Michael went livid, as if he had just seen a ghost. ‘I know you’ve been with her. You can tell me!’ throws Tyson at the Bulls star.”

Michael Jordan talking about the GOAT, it was exciting and everyone agreed

At the time, Mike Tyson had just separated from his wife Robin Givens, the one in question here and that MJ would have possibly frequented as well. If the situation has not worsened, it is because many guests, including Holloway, have somehow retained the boxer who was forbidden to fight outside the ring.


As for Michael Jordan, he quickly slipped away (luckily for him) and preferred never to talk about this story again… Understandable when you don’t go very far from a broken jaw.

As a reminder, Mike Tyson in 1988 was this:


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