Unleashing Fury: Mike Tyson’s Shocking Tale of Confronting and Pursuing Don King on the Freeway


This is why we love Mike . Not a fake bone in his body . Total original , even at his worst .

When Mike Tyson says “It was bad”, you just know shit was off the rails.

An angry Mike Tyson chasing you sounds like a nightmare

You can still see the pain in Mikes eyes was these memories replay in his head. Stay strong Mike 💪

I respect this guy for his ability to face his issues head on without a single excuse.

Mike is embarrassed by the way he acted. I respect him so much

D on King needed his ass kicked for the way he took advantage of Mike.


As I’m laughing my ass off while visualising the story that Mike is telling, it dawns on me, that one of the reasons why I love this guy so much is his capacity to completely acknowledge and apologise for his previous transgressions while, simultaneously, telling the story as if IN the moment; recollecting his frame of mind at the time of the incident which, in my opinion, is why he always giggles while telling these stories.

I freakin’ love it.

The cop who picked him up on the highway has a great story. “Man, you ain’t gonna believe this shit. This one time…”

Don king took advantage of every human being he ever encountered
He has a lot to answer for.

The man literally said the coke was percolating. Mike Tyson is a national treasure 😂


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