From Childhood Misstep To Near Tragedy: Shot By Terrified Police At Age 11 After A Theft – Mike Tyson


In the rough streets of Brooklyn, an 11-year-old Mike Tyson found himself in an adrenaline-fueled pursuit, a stolen piece of jewelry as their damning trophy.

It was a daring adventure that Tyson recently shared on the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast.

In an unlikely gathering, rapper Tony Yayo joined Tyson as they revisited their rugged childhood escapades.

A gunshot echoing in their ears, a hasty retreat into an abandoned building, and an encounter with law enforcement, the suspenseful narrative unfolds. Intriguingly, Tyson reveals that the police, supposedly their pursuers, were too scared to venture into their hiding place. What could cause this?



A bold heist and a thrilling escape: Mike Tyson’s streetwise youth

During the podcast, Tyson, a former boxing world champion, embarked on a tale th at took the listeners back to his childhood days. Here’s what Tyson had to say about the heart-pounding incident:


“One day we had snatched, we went to uh picking Avenue and picking avenue had a number of jewelry stores for poor people and stuff. We saw a guy coming right out to take the jewelry or whatever. He didn’t know he didn’t even expect it. He’s coming out just and boom we snatched the Box. We’re running like a half a block, we’re running yeah and we’re only 11 years old right the other guy might be 14.”




He continued describing the electrifying chase, “I look and then the next thing you know boom that gun goes off and we’re right in that abandoned building. Once we got there we got inside the walls, we started seeing the cops come by. We wouldn’t, we could feel the floors open. They said no I’m like they didn’t even, they were too scared to even try to go anywhere else.”

Tony Yayo seconds Tyson’s story
Tony Yayo, supporting Tyson’s recollection, stated, “The cops ain’t want to go on that abandon building, they wasn’t doing that.”

In an intriguing reveal, Tyson added, “And I’m on the roof talking to my like I’m right here and where you at is my building but they don’t know that so my friends are on top of the roof and one who’s talking to each other while they’re on the first floor.”

This captivating tale not only gives listeners a peek into Tyson’s audacious younger self but also unearths the tough realities of growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn.


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