A Battle Of Legends: Mike Tyson’S Life-Defining Decision To Take On John Fury, Even At His Own Peril


Mike Tyson and John Fury saw each other in Saudia Arabia while attending the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, and while exchanging some words they agreed on staging a fight between the legendary ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is John Fury’s idol
The opinionated father of the WBC heavyweight champion said that they shook hands and he was very excited to meet the legendary boxer. John Fury even named his son after Iron Mike.



According to the Mirror, he spoke to FreeBets and said that “I did say to him in t he podcast [not yet released] me and you should do something and fight.


“You know what he said? ‘Yeah, I would love that’. When he said that to me that is the highlight of my life.” Fury commented

He said he would be happy to die after the fight “If I can get in the ring, punch-for-punch, whatever he wants to do if I get carried out or die on a stretcher that is my life completed.”


John Fury named his son Tyson after the champion
Tyson Fury’s father shared how much Mike means to him “Because who is better than a man who meant a lot to me because I named my son after him? Tyson is the heavyweight king so I think the world of him.”

“He is a great guy, a man’s man with no bull**** and he has learned from his experiences knowing what people are now. He is a rough ride like me we have both learned a lot haven’t we.” He elaborated.

According to The Sun, they broke bread recently alongside Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora, and Michael Buffer.


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