Mike Tyson’S Tribute: Julio Cesar Chavez’S 90-Fight Undefeated Run Establishes Him As The Greatest


One of the most important boxers in history was undoubtedly Julio Cesar Chavez, as he always demonstrated his power and technique in the ring.

This is something that has always been praised by boxing fans, as well as by his own former rivals.

Now, it is Mike Tyson who has looked back on the historic career of the great Mexican champion, who boasts one of the best records ever.

Speaking on his podcast, Tyson compared the impressive career of JC Chavez with that of his compatriot, the American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

While Mayweather claims to be the best of all time, given that he finished with a record of 50 fights won in 50 fights contested, Tyson wanted to make it clear that Chavez went 90 fights without defeat. He accumulated 89 wins and only one draw, until he then lost on January 29, 1994.

This defeat came at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada when he lost to Frankie Randall, who came in with a record of 48-2-1, making him a 15-1 underdog. Needless to say, it was international news and caught the attention of everyone in the sport.


Julio Cesar Chavez kept fighting and finished with a professional record of 107 wins, six losses and two draws from 115 bouts.

Tyson picks between Julio Cesar Chavez and Floyd Mayweather
Mike Tyson was clear in pointing out the legacy of Julio Cesar Chavez, even though Floyd Mayweather recently claimed that he retired 50-0 as the greatest boxer in history, putting himself on par with the legendary Muhammad Ali.

“Don’t tell me about, ‘you’re the greatest fighter’ with 50-0,” Tyson said.

“You’re great, no doubt about it, but 50-0? Chavez had 90.

“He was fighting like, what? Eight times a year? Against whoever was in the rankings. He wasn’t picking. It was, ‘whoever you want, come on’.”


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