When Fury Takes Over: Mike Tyson’s Most Memorable Moments of Unbridled Anger in Interviews


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Mike hates fake people.he keeps it real 24/7. He changed from the scariest man in the world to a wise gentle giant, he is a legend!.

He just spoke his mind regardless of what anyone thought. Respect.

“You come across as a nice guy but you’re really a piece of shit” no truer words have ever been spoken about half of the people who think they’re nice just by ACTING like it. Mike Tyson 4 gov

“Okay, we’re going to rap up this interview, thanks for coming!”
Mike – “Fuck you!”🤣🤣🤣


Considering Mike was arrested 38 times before he was 13, the odds are he had, as he said he did, dozens of street fights.

His most famous street fight as an adult was with Mitch Green…

Mike’s most famous street fighting escapade was probably his brawl with Mitch Green.

Mike Tyson was supposed to fight Frank Bruno back in 1988 for $5 million. Mike, proving money was not the only reason he fought, put the smack down on Mitch “Blood” Green for nothing at Dapper Dan’s Boutique in Harlem.

“Like just about all of Mike Tyson’s fistfights, the one early last week was quick. Gunfighter quick. One punch, they say, a right uppercut to former contender Mitch Green’s left eye, which swelled and closed beside a nose suddenly in need of five stitches. The novelty was that the fight took place at 4:30 a.m. on a Harlem street—not exactly the hour at which one would expect to find the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world scuffling.”


Ironically, Mike pleaded self defense, claiming he was fearful, of what Green, ranting like a madman about Don King owing him money, would do:

“Green hit me in the chest. He was upset. I guess I hit him over the eye. I was nervous. I hadn’t had a street fight in seven years. I was scared.”

The two had fought before in a boxing ring – Tyson won by decision over 10 rounds in 1986. Green became just the second man to go the distance with “Kid Dynamite.”

Green should have rested on his laurels for going the distance in the ring, because he did a lot worse in the sequel street fight.

Green sued Tyson, but he was awarded just $45,000 on his $25 million claim.


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