Unprecedented Offer: Tyson Fury Drops Bombshell, Exposing Mike Tyson’S Astounding $500 Million Bid For A Clash


Mike Tyson has been regularly posting video clips of his training sessions on social media to keep his fans updated.

However, ‘Iron Mike’ is yet to confirm his opponent four the four-round exhibition fight. Meanwhile, current WBC champion and undefeated boxer Tyson Fury has brought an interesting twist in the tale, by claiming that he was about to grab the opportunity of welcoming Mike Tyson back to the boxing ring and stated that Mike Tyson offered him $500 million for the bout.

Mike Tyson return: Tyson Fury says Mike Tyson offered him $500 million for a fight

A weeks days ago, there was a buzz that ‘Tyson vs Tyson’ could potentially be scheduled, and Tyson Fury recently validated those reports by claiming that he was actually offered a fight against Mike Tyson. However, Tyson Fury claimed that the sum he was initially offered was rescinded and he was then offered “peanuts”, which ultimately made ‘The Gypsy King’ step out of the contest.

While interacting with IFL TV Tyson Fury said, “No there was talk of it. I was contacted by Mike Tyson’s people. Me and Mike had…a face time, a zoom call, we had a phone call. Yea, it was definitely real. But nothing ever materialized from it. They were offering the money to Mike, and they came back and offered us like peanuts completely.”


Tyson Fury further added that Mike Tyson primarily offered him $500 million, which piqued Fury’s interest in the contest. However, circumstances prevented the fight from being materialised. Tyson Fury then proceeded to opt out of the contest.

Mike Tyson return update

The Mike Tyson boxing return is seemingly still on the cards. Up until now, the heavyweight veteran has been linked with numerous fighters including the likes of Shannon Briggs, Evander Holyfield, Wanderlei Silva and Tyson Fury.

However, Mike Tyson recently went on to ignite the fires on social media with Jon Jones and asked the UFC veteran to fight him in order to make some “super money”. Jon Jones was quick to accept the offer, saying “I’m listening”, to Mike Tyson. However, there has been no update from either veteran since.


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