Shocking Revelation: Mike Tyson’s Startling Claim About ‘People in Crime’ 28 Years After Prison Release


Mike Tyson had a childhood like no other. Growing up was not easy for young Tyson. He was born into poverty and engaged in various criminal activities. Before he turned 13, young ‘Iron Mike’ was already arrested more than 30 times. But, things changed for him when he met his boxing coach and mentor, Cus D’amato. This proved to be a life-changing moment for Mike Tyson.

In a podcast episode, Tyson talked about how a “strong man” can influence a young boy’s life for good. He had a very unexpected take, reigning in people with criminal backgrounds.

Mike Tyson’s perception of a strong man
Mike Tyson was a guest on the PBD podcast hosted by Patrick Bet-David. The 56-year-old was asked about the impact of a strong man in a boy’s life who is trying to “find himself.” Tyson talked about different perceptions of a strong man and how it means different things to different people.

Tyson said, “You have to think about what perception of the strong man. It could be a strong man in a criminal perspective and then legal perspective. And that could be the strongest identity he sees. “He further talked about how men in crime are also great men. Meanwhile, in another podcast episode, Tyson also revealed why he thinks people snitch.



He added, “Even these people in crime they are great men.” The 56-year-old believes that every person has a different perception of greatness. And, in the end, it’s about doing the best you can and setting an example for the younger generation.

He said, “So if we really can concentrate on doing the best we can from our perspective of being a good man and transform into other young boys, that will be a start.“

Why did Mike Tyson Tyson go to prison?

As successful as Mike Tyson was inside the boxing ring, he was embroiled in controversies out of it. In 1992, Mike Tyson was convicted of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant. ‘However, it is worth noting that Tyson claimed everything that between the two was consensual.

Eventually, Tyson was given a prison sentence of ten years, which was reduced to six years and four years of probation. But, he was released after spending just three years.


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