Conquering Demons: Mike Tyson’s Struggle with Temptation as He Faces a Group of ‘Drunk Heathens’ Years After Escaping the Grip of Alcohol


Mike Tyson recently opened up about his regretful fight with his current wife Lakiha Spicer while being under the influence.

Eight years since then, Tyson has gotten over his addiction and now lives a much healthier life.

Recently, Latin artist J Balvin appeared in an episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast.

During the promo section of the episode, Tyson recalled his appearance on the show ‘Drink Champs’.

Remembering the time Mike Tyson appeared on Drink Champs: 

Mike Tyson made an appearance on ‘Drink Champs’ last year. In the episode, Tyson opened up about his struggles against alcohol addiction. He even had tears in his eyes as he recounted how he used to be when he was younger.

Recalling the time, he shared with the world how he felt. During the promotional segment of the Hotboxin’ episode with guest J Balvin, Tyson and Sebastian Joseph-Day talked about ‘Drink Champs’. Complimenting the show, Joseph-Day said, “Isn’t it so fire it has all the hip hop artists and popular people on the show, it’s fire!”. Tyson replied, “Everybody’s getting so plastered in the show”.

Joseph-Day inquired about Tyson’s level of intoxication during the show. Tyson kindly reminded Day that he abstains from alcohol consumption. Nonetheless, Tyson did acknowledge that he observed that he was in a room full of drunk people.

When questioned about smoking, Tyson responded, “I believe I must have smoked, I must have, I don’t remember, but I just know I was uncomfortable around a bunch of Drunk Heathens.” Given Mike Tyson’s notorious past, it certainly takes dedication and discipline to lead an alcohol-free life like Tyson.


How did Mike Tyson finally get over drinking?
Not long ago, comedian Steelo Brim appeared on an episode of Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast. At that time, Tyson revealed what helped him finally quit drinking.
At one point in the podcast, Steelo Brim told Mike about his Weed and Wine Podcast. He talked about how they have drinks and weed, and converse with guests.
However, Tyson told him that he is a recovering alcoholic. He told Brim that he has “almost killed” himself while drinking so many times. So now Tyson does not have any desire to drink anymore. He said, “I would never do it, you can’t pay me to do that.”



Tyson shared that he didn’t want to stop drinking. He claimed that if he wanted to he could’ve stopped it anytime, it’s just that he didn’t have any desire to stop at the time. However, what made him change his mind was his daughter.

When he was asked the reason, he replied, “My daughter. But it wasn’t overnight.” It was his love for his kids that helped him stop drinking for good.


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