Mike Tyson’s Fortune Built on a 25-Year-Old Mistake: J Balvin’s Mockery Forces Him to Confront His Past Failure


Colombian reggaeton superstar J Balvin found himself humorously reflecting on one of Tyson’s most infamous moments: the ear-biting incident of 1997.

Interestingly, this past controversy, far from being a point of embarrassment, has become a lucrative venture for Tyson. Manifesting itself as ‘Mike Bites,’ a product that’s making him millions.


Columbia’S Affection For Mike Tyson:

The heart of the conversation in the podcast was a humorous exchange that began with Tyson warmly acknowledging his connection to Colombia.

He stated, “That’s where the magic’s at in Colombia, Magic’s there.”

In response, Balvin affirmed the love Tyson enjoys in his home country by saying, “We love you there bro come on”.

The conversation then took a nostalgic twist when DJ Whoo Kid asked Balvin about his experience of watching Mike Tyson in Colombia.

Balvin responded, “Man like it’s crazy man you know. I wanted to come here covering my ears (referring to the famous Holyfield incident).”

This was followed by DJ Whoo Kid’s light-hearted quip: “I’m gonna bite you”.

Furthermore, the Columbian singer went on to talk about what his mother told him about Mike Tyson.

A mother’s caution and Mike Tyson’s charm:

Balvin then revealed a conversation with his mother, saying, “I was talking with my mom, she was like once you see Mike Tyson, like you better cover your ears.”


This statement was followed by laughter and Tyson’s candid response, “Listen all those Latin b***hes love that, what do you mean.”

Balvin agreed with Tyson saying, “Of course” which prompted Tyson’s hearty, “Holy shit yeah!”.

In response to the playful jesting, Tyson revealed his self-perception with, “Isn’t it crazy Antonio was saying the same thing.

I don’t think I’m a mean guy I’m a nice guy dude.” This acknowledgment brings a moment of self-reflection amid the humor and light-hearted conversation.

Tyson’s story underscores how he has managed to capitalize on a notorious incident, transforming a negative situation into a positive one.

It leads us to ask, how often do we see such turnarounds in the public eye?

How many public figures successfully shift their narratives from infamy to triumph, turning their controversies into profitable ventures?


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