A Shocking Celebrity Encounter: How Mike Tyson Reacted When He Crossed Paths with Brad Pitt and His Future Ex-Wife


Obviously going through a divorce is no fun, losing the potential love of your life, selling your home and dividing money.

Now throw into the mix seeing your soon to be ex-wife with a Hollywood superstar.

Before the papers have all Been signed.

That was the situation former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson had to face. When he pulled up at his wife’s home.

Here it is in Mike’s words, “I didn’t really catch them in the act, maybe right before the act.”

“As I went there [to the house], a car was coming out, a car I bought.”


“So I thought it would be her, but it’s not, it’s a guy.. and then I got mad, a little bit jealous, then the car came and she said ‘Michael!’ he [Brad] was like ‘hey dude.’

Anyway, we met each other and that was my first engagement and his a very nice guy..”

I thought there would be more fireworks than that but Iron Mike controlled himself and handled the situation like a man.



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