Mike Tyson’s Bold Plea: J Balvin and Jennifer Lopez’s Explosive Collaboration on the Horizon

After dominating the world of Boxing, Mike Tyson has gone on a spiritual path:

Following his retirement in 2005, Tyson has become more of a people person. And to share his experience with the fans, he started his very own podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. After having numerous guests on the show, one thing which stands out about Tyson is that he does not hesitate to share his opinion. In the latest episode, the 56-year-old was joined by Colombian singer and songwriter José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, known by his stage name, J Balvin. And, while on the podcast, the former heavyweight champion had a request for him.

While on his podcast, the former heavyweight champion urged the singer to make a sensational collab with the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. And Tyson showed his excitement about the potential collab between the two.

Mike Tyson’s collab suggestion for J Balvin

While Balvin was on the podcast, he talked about his humble beginnings and how only two people used to watch him in the initial days of his career. That led to questions about the collaborations the 38-year-old has made till now in his music career.

Tyson himself was the one who asked the artist about the collaborations he has made until now. To which, Balvin responded with, “I think I have done everything.” To question this claim from the songwriter, Tyson asked him if he has worked with the sensational Jennifer Lopez. To which, Balvin agreed, having not worked with her. But he talked about the Super Bowl show he did with her, which over 104 million viewers watched. And is one of the highest-watched Super Bowl shows ever.


J Balvin was paid 1 million for his first gig

Furthermore, urging Balvin to work with Lopez, he said, “You Gotta get hooked up you know.” He added, “You gotta get together. You know you and your words written together with her.” It is safe to say that Tyson has excited fans about this potential collab in the future. Balvin also poked the heavyweight champion while on the podcast.

While on the podcast, the co-host DJ Whoo Kid revealed to Tyson that Balvin was paid a million for the first-ever show he did. This caused much confusion on the podcast about the currency. And, Balvin revealed that it was 1 million pesos and not dollars. Reacting to this, Tyson said, “1 million pesos is like 50 bucks.”


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