Unmasking the Legend: Mike Tyson’s Confrontation with the Dark Side of Modern Boxing

Picture this: “Iron” Mike Tyson, notorious for his biting brutality and devastating knockouts, now advocates for less violence in the ring:

This isn’t a late-night comedy skit punchline but an unexpected revelation that emerged during an intimate chat on his popular podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson”. Surrounded by the rhythm of Latin music artist J Balvin’s words and the echo of co-host DJ Whoo Kid’s laughter, Tyson presented a side of him that is in stark contrast with his infamous past.

From a man once feared for his raw power and aggressive tactics. He is now a reflective advocate for a safer boxing era–is this an attempt at redemption or a candid reality check? Mike Tyson confronts the modern boxing world with a perspective as shocking as his uppercuts.


A ringside chat: Unraveling Tyson’s past and present in Hotboxin:

On an episode of “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson”, Tyson sat down with J Balvin and DJ Whoo Kid. He engaged in an intriguing exchange about his boxing past.

The conversation began with J Balvin’s curiosity, asking, “I have a question for you man, what do you think about, I mean, when was the last time you fight?”


Tyson responded with uncertainty, “I have no idea. Two thousand and what, two years ago, right?” DJ Whoo Kid chimed in, “Yeah, two years ago. The charity fight.”

Further intrigued, J Balvin queried, “Oh yeah. With who?” Tyson provided the answer, “Roy Jones-“, but was completed by DJ Whoo Kid who added, “Roy Jones Jr., but you know I wanted him to really go in, but you know, he couldn’t.”

J Balvin responded with acknowledgment, “Oh yeah, I remember,” leading DJ Whoo to add a bit ominously, “A little bit R.I.P., you know what I’m saying.”

Then came Tyson’s insightful revelation. “That’s what it’s about now, getting the money without getting hurt. We’ve been getting hurt our whole career. Why don’t we get paid without hurting each other. You got to take some punches though, but let’s not kill each other,” he added.


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