Mike Tyson’s Gut-Wrenching Regret Over Years of Substance Abuse and Test Cheating


During his time, Mike Tyson earned the ire of the boxing faithful for his issues with alcohol and drugs.

Even though he could beat his opponents with ease, he could not beat his own demons, which led to him making poor decisions during his career.

But, more than 15 years after his retirement, the 56-year-old disclosed an insight about his professional career and revealed something he wished he should’ve done.


Mike Tyson reveals something he should’ve done:
In a recent episode of his podcast, Colombian singer J Balvin and his co-host DJ Whoo joined Mike Tyson. On the podcast, Balvin and Whoo started discussing the electric performances of Mike Tyson during his professional career.

Balvin and Whoo seemed to be in disbelief at the ability of Tyson to knock out his opponents in no time. Whoo jokingly said, “Can you imagine you got to go take a piss and then come back fight is over.” To this, Tyson responded by making a confession. The 56-year-old said, ” Imagine you need weed to calm your nerves. You’ve been doing cocaine and liquor, but you need weed.”


After that statement, Tyson made a confession and said,” I should’ve smoked weed When I was fighting.” It seems as if Tyson regrets not smoking cannabis while competing in the boxing ring. Irrespective of the liquor and hard drugs he was consuming during his heyday.

But how exactly did the revered boxing pass the rigorous tests administered by various commissions.

Mike Tyson’s ingenious way to pass drug tests:

Tyson agrees that he was on drugs during his professional career and even ahead of important fights. But he had a rather odd but interesting way to pass his drug tests. Tyson used a fake penis with someone else’s urine inside it to ensure that he passed his drug test every time.

Tyson claimed to be on drugs before his fight against Lou Savarase in Glasgow. And, most recently, he claimed that he was high on marijuana when he fought Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout last year, as alleged by Yahoo News.


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