Cracking the Code: The Undertaker and Mike Tyson’s Revelation on the Secret Ingredient Behind Conor McGregor’s Unmatched Superstardom

Mike Tyson and WWE legend The Undertaker talked about McGregor on the YouTube channel “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson:

The two famous personalities discussed the value of creating a larger-than-life image backed by talent and weighed in on what was the cause of McGregor’s superstardom across the globe.

“You have to have a gimmick…a mean tough street type. The only guys that got all the money are guys with the gimmick. Conor McGregor, he has a gimmick. He’s crazy, he’s bold, it’s a gimmick. In real life he’s a beautiful guy… You have to have a gimmick,” said Tyson.

The Undertaker agreed with Tyson’s opinion and added ““It sells tickets, puts a**es in seats. That’s what we did. That’s a great assessment right there, you have to have a gimmick.”

During the discussion, Tyson also drew a comparison between Boxing and UFC and highlighted why the latter was a bigger hit among the people:

“In boxing, after the one fight is over…in the intermission nothing is happening(happens).


But UFC when they have an intermission it’s a party and so many viewers go for the party talk through business.


That’s why UFC is more advanced than boxing. Boxers get paid more money but the entity of the UFC is brilliant,” opined Tyson.

Conor McGregor needs no introduction when it comes to mixed martial arts(MMA):

The Irish player took the game to another level with his surreal performances in the ring and it’s evidently reflected in his pay-per-view records. In his illustrious career, he holds some of the top most-bought Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) pay-per-view spots, with his historic bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018 topping the charts.

McGregor who is a former UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion, has been equally known for trash talking his opponents and heating up the stakes with his words before the matches. With his aggressive in-game persona and achievements, he has evolved into one of the biggest ambassadors of Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC.


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