Against All Odds: Mike Tyson’s Journey from Boxing’s Dark Days to Building a Dominant Empire

Mike Tyson has had a rags-to-riches story:

which also serves as a cautionary tale for the predatory nature of boxing promoters. But the former heavyweight champion has landed on his feet as a one-man empire in the post-boxing life. With a range of passions and interests, Tyson’s business ventures span from his own cannabis company, Tyson 2.0, to his successful podcast Hotboxin’.

Tyson, who was once the face of boxing, admits that the title now belongs to Gervonta Davis, who recently defeated Ryan Garcia in a hotly anticipated fight. Tyson was in attendance, and the match garnered an estimated 1.2 million buys.


Tyson’s recently launched Tyson Pro brand features high-end boxing equipment that includes wraps, gloves, and mitts:

The retired boxer has also said that he intends to expand into developing MMA and pro wrestling equipment too. As for the making of a great boxing glove, Tyson believes that “it should be comfortable and have a great deal of confidence.”

For Mike Tyson, success in business comes from taking things at a steady pace when making decisions. He has learned a lot about partnerships, building brands, building corporations, and helping communities.

One of Tyson’s first loves was pro wrestling:

And like his idol Muhammad Ali, he grew up watching and imitating wrestlers like Bruno Sammartino. Tyson used elements of pro wrestling to model himself into more than just a devastating boxer but rather a pugilistic lightning rod. Tyson brought entertainment elements to boxing, making the fans feel something more valuable than a technically sound right cross.

Tyson’s the bad boy persona made him a box-office attraction whom many paid money to see. Although Logan Paul has called Tyson out for a massive boxing exhibition, maybe a pro wrestling bout with Tyson would be more fitting. Tyson joked that he would kick Logan’s ass, admitting that he would enjoy doing it for free.


Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE represents a sea-changing moment for combat sports, as the biggest wrestling and mixed martial arts regulations now exist under one umbrella. As the face of combat sports changes, the sweet science of pro boxing remains the elephant in the room.

For boxing enthusiasts, Endeavor’s WWE deal could mean progress for the sport, making it similar to how John D. Rockefeller monopolized the oil system. Tyson believes that if combat sports form together, fighters could all be fighting in a square ring at one time; total entertainment with masks, costumes, and all the trimmings could take combat sports to its highest potential.

Tyson feels that boxing, on its own, won’t last, but entertainment will last forever:

Combats sports should have such an affinity with the combat world that it becomes the biggest athletic sport from the beginning of the journey to the end.

In summary, Tyson’s post-boxing career is a rags-to-riches story that has catapulted him into a one-man empire. Tyson has learned a lot about partnerships, building brands, building corporations, and helping communities. His passion and interest in pro wrestling have made pro boxing more entertaining, and he believes that if combat sports form together, it could take combat sports to its highest potential as total entertainment.


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