Unveiling Mike Tyson’s Jaw-Dropping Transformation: The Physique Nobody Saw Coming!

A real wild beast in the ring, Mike Tyson has always stood out with an unusual physique:

But what we didn’t know for a long time was that the former boxer would have hidden a very specific detail about his body which was revealed recently… and “Iron Mike” is not the only one in that case.

For years, Mike Tyson dominated the boxing scene in the heavyweight division.

The youngest world champion in history, the American superstar crushed the competition with knockouts, each more violent than the next.

It is therefore no surprise that he has long aroused the fascination of fans and observers, if only for his unusual physique.

Indeed, while most heavyweight fighters regularly exceed 1m90, Tyson Fury measuring no less than 2m06 for example, “Kid Dynamite” only pointed to 1m78. Suffice to say that he was very small among his peers but with his 100 kilos on the scale, he was in fact a real ball of muscles and a desire to win. An unstoppable combination for his opponents at the time…

The surprising anecdote about Mike Tyson’s toenails:

Eager to stay at the top as long as possible, Tyson also took great care of his physique. For this, he used all the stratagems, including some much less known… As the German daily recently claimed Picturehe would have protected his feet in a very special way since he would have used to put black varnish on his nails, in order to prevent possible health concerns:


Mike Tyson on his wife: “I don’t know who she sleeps with, but…”

Many top athletes do this to protect their nails from fungus and bacteria when they’re stuck in sweaty shoes for hours on end. Even Mike Tyson.

It is interesting to note that “Iron Mike” would not be the only one to have used this technique. Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski has done the same in the past, as has Cristiano Ronaldo in football.


The question is why we heard about it only recently, when the former boxer is now 56 years old:

This could be explained by the fact that in his time, such a gesture would have been considered very effeminate and therefore could have earned him ridicule. It should be noted that this same revelation had caused debate among CR7 fans, some strongly criticizing the Portuguese. However, it is clear that the method works.

Anxious to avoid diseases, Mike Tyson took very good care of his body and this would obviously also have affected his feet. In this specific case, however, he would have wanted to remain silent for a long time, no doubt also to avoid ridicule on the subject, especially in his time.


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