Beyond Fear: Recounting the Chilling Battle That Made Mike Tyson a Living Nightmare

Mike Tyson was, perhaps more than any other heavyweight in boxing history, a terrifying man:

Already on the physical level, his profile was the opposite of that of an average fighter in the category. For example, Mohamed Ali exceeded 1m90, Tyson Fury, current champion, exceeds the bar of 2m05… Tyson, he displayed a small 1m78.

So how did he manage to resist the enormous difference in reach that there could be between him and his main competitors? It’s simple, compensating with speed, explosiveness and above all extraordinary power. Indeed, it was enough for him only one well placed blow to blow up his opponent’s defense and put him to sleep, or force the referee to put an end to the torture.

Fastest knockout of Mike Tyson’s career:

The other terrifying aspect of Mike Tyson, beyond his extraordinary physique, is his mental preparation before stepping into the ring. As he admitted quite openly, he often shed a few tears of compassion for his future victims, which shows his psychological approach well… But according to Joe Rogan, who spoke in his podcast, there was one evening when the New York native thought of nothing but ending his rival’s career:

“55 or not, if Mike Tyson is in front of him, he will beat him up”

When Mike Tyson was at his best, when he was his most destructive:

He slaughtered Marvis Frazier in the most violent fight I’ve ever seen in my life in boxing. At that time I thought that if there was a terrifying man that nobody wanted to cross, it was Mike Tyson. That evening, he was perhaps the most aggressive and violent human in the history of Humanity.


As soon as the bell rang, he started moving towards Marvis and he was just throwing bombs at him! Before he could even get a knockout, Mike Tyson sent him 5 full-power straight shots to the head, when he was already unconscious. It was an assassination.

Mike Tyson had dynamite in his fists, and poor Marvis Frazier could see it in the worst possible way…

On that evening in July 1986, Iron Mike immediately rushed at his opponent, threw a few punches with incredible power, and in just 30 seconds, a career high, he managed to put her to sleep. KO standing, Frazier took no less than 5 blows before falling to the ground, which could have left irreversible damage. As Joe Rogan so aptly puts it, the murder wasn’t that far off…

Mike Tyson was a terrifying man, and this fight against Marvis Frazier is perhaps the best example of pure power. In just 30 seconds, he managed to blow his opponent’s guard off, before knocking him down for good.


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