Mike Tyson’s Battle with Nerve Condition: A Stark Reminder of the Vitality of Physical Health in Light of J Balvin’s Weight

Throughout his career, Mike Tyson exemplified the discipline and dedication required to achieve peak physical fitness

From his rigorous training routines to his strict diet, Tyson consistently demonstrated his commitment to maintaining a strong body. However, the former champion needs to focus on his well-being now more than ever.

Back in 2022, ‘Iron Mike’ had a sciatica flare up which made him wheelchair ridden for over a month.

Following this, he would reveal that he was dealing with the never condition for quite some time after that. Moreover, he recently had a conversation with Latin music star J Balvin about the significance of physical well-being.

Tyson shared his thoughts on the importance of maintaining good health after expressing concerns about Balvin’s weight.

Mike Tyson shows concerns over J Balvin’s weight

In a recent episode of Hotboxin where the Columbian star was a guest, Tyson remarked on Balvin’s noticeable weight loss.

“You look like you lost a lot… of weight.” said Tyson.


After this, Balvin emphasized that he values his health above all else, recognizing that it is an invaluable asset that cannot be replaced. “Yeah, I take care of myself, man, you know, because I want to be… good here, man. I want to.


Health doesn’t have any price, man. That’s priceless.” he replied. This was not all as the former champion also emphasized the importance of prioritizing physical health above material wealth.

Tyson shares a candid message about the importance of physical well-being

Despite his fame and success, Tyson claimed that without good health, material wealth loses much of its value. He also gave an example of a seriously ill person who had all the money in the world but could not even walk without medical assistance.

“Your first wealth is your health, and you… can’t walk to the corner, to the f***ing corner of your room, without having your bag on you. That’s f**ked.” he said.


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