Mike Tyson’s Life on the Line: The Harrowing Encounter with a Lion That Forced Him into a Desperate Fight for Survival

Mike Tyson Recalls The Time When His Pet Lion Bit Him

Being hailed as one of the best boxing talents that the world has ever seen came naturally to Mike Tyson, especially when he was crowned the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of The World after continuous wins.

His fame was followed by fortune, which the former boxer spent unsparingly.

From exotic and extremely luxurious yachts to multi-million dollar jewelry and so much more. But, the prized possession in the Hangover star’s life has to be his collection of big cats that he kept as pets.

Infamous for his relationship with his tigers, Tyson has been open about how he acquired these exotic animals and lived with these deadly cats for the better part of his life during his prime. He also recalled an incident when he had a lion as a pet. During the process of playing with the beast, he was bitten by it on his right hand. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he said:

“I had a lion that bit me, that was really bad, and I winded up getting a Tetanus shot. I had lied and said a dog bit me, ‘cause they would’ve took my cat if I’d told them.”


Although it didn’t affect his relationship with his animals, he later had to give them all away for their sake, as well as due to the pressure from authorities, as he came to realize just how wrong he was about owning these animals.

How Did Mike Tyson Acquire His Big Cats?

During the interview, Tyson also revealed how he came into the acquisition of these beasts in the first place.

During his sentence of six years in prison after being convicted of rape charges, He recalled meeting his car dealer who he had bought his numerous cars from.

While in conversation, Tyson was informed that his dealer was in possession of some exotic animals from one of his debtors, which were later revealed to be tigers.


Interested, Mike Tyson asked him to get him two tiger cubs as he was about to get out of prison in a couple of months. And the rest, as they say, is history.


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