Behind the Glamour: Mike Tyson’s Startling Warning to Those Who Aspire to Be Like Him

Although Don King is a controversial figure in the sport—his promotional skills were unparalleled. However, with time, the relationship between Tyson and Don King soured

Tyson made a bold accusation against King, claiming that the latter owed him $100 Million.

Thereafter, Tyson filed a legal suit but ultimately settled the matter without the court’s interference.

Although he has made peace with how things transpired during that time, Tyson still made an indirect reference to this controversy in a recent episode of his podcast.


Mike Tyson explains the importance of hard work

Tyson is in the public limelight despite not competing anymore inside the squared circle. His podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” helps him to garner interest from the fans. Not to mention, the fans are also inclined to watch him have conversations with his intriguing guests. In a recent episode, Tyson and his co-host sat down with R&B and Hip-Hop artist Ty Dolla $ign.

During the episode, Ty Dolla $ign mentioned the value of hard work to achieve goals in life. Tyson was in agreement but mentioned that a lot of people do not want to work hard. And eventually, become a “Groupie” and steal from someone else’s hard-earned fortune. He stated, “Put in that work, Everybody is not willing to do that. That’s why they become groupies and try to steal.”


Although Tyson did not name anybody, the audience can speculate that the comment may be a reference to his controversy with Don King

Mike Tyson on “being a puppet” for his promoters

Tyson has been very candid about being financially exploited by his promoters. Reflecting on the same with Ryan Garcia, he stated, “I always had to fight myself out. They had me so good. I was a puppy. I was a puppet.”

The issue of financial exploitation of boxers has been long going in the sport. Do you think it has improved over time? In addition, do you think that the recent comments made by Tyson were directed at the likes of Don King? Share your opinions and thoughts in the comments below.


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