Fiery Showdown: Former UFC Fighter Confronts Joe Rogan Over Controversial Encounter with Mike Tyson

The 44-year-old ex-UFC star played a clip from an old JRE episode where Rogan was talking about the several translations that the Bible had gone through

To prove his point, Rogan took the example of the ‘translate’ button available on Instagram. He said it did not convey the exact meaning despite being a helpful feature.

Later, while talking to Mike Tyson, Rogan discussed the Bible again. He asked. “What were they trying to say? When it was written in ancient Hebrew and then they translated it into Latin, they translated it to Greek. When it was in ancient Hebrew what were they trying to say?”


Marquardt argued that Rogan’s idea was fundamentally flawed. He gave examples to prove his point and disprove Rogan’s claims.



Nate Marquardt fact checks Joe Rogan

Nate Marquardt had no plans to let Joe Rogan get away with the questions he had raised about the Bible. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion said he did his share of research to understand more about Rogan’s argument.

‘The Great’ said, “I looked to find where this idea came from and I couldn’t really find anything. I found a lot of influencers like Joe Rogan have perpetuated this idea and it’s even been compared to a telephone game where you whisper something into somebody’s ear and they whisper that same thing into somebody else’s ear and it goes around the circle and when it gets back to you, it’s a completely different message.”


He continued, “I want to say first of all this is completely false. This is not how the Bible is translated. This is not how the Bible is transmitted. We translate directly from the original languages.”

Further, Marquardt referenced others who had extensively researched the Bible to prove why it was a reliable document of divine origin. The 44-year-old called the Bible the foundation of the Christian faith and said people should trust it. He described it as an objective truth to refer to.


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