From Triumph to Heartbreak: Mike Tyson Reveals He Cried After Failing to Secure a Fight Against Mysterious Opponent Because He Was “Too Young


In a recent episode of his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion sat down with a Columbian musician, J Balvin.

During their episode, Tyson revealed he was in a state of ambivalence after being denied to fight a mysterious opponent due to him being “Too young”.


Did you know?: Young Mike Tyson cried after being denied to fight

During the episode, J Balvin reminisced about the time he made his first $1 Million. Tyson, on the other hand, also reminisced about the time he made his first $100,000. Additionally, Tyson shared an interesting story associated with his first $100,000 paycheck. When Tyson was 18 years of age, he was scheduled to fight an opponent who was significantly older.

At the time, Tyson was not sanctioned to fight him over a “certain amount of rounds,” and subsequently, he failed to secure the bout. He was unsure if he would get paid for the fight which left him unsettled. However, Tyson was ultimately paid $100,000 which left the 18-year-old boxer in a state of happiness.


In the episode, without revealing the opponent’s name, he stated

“When I first got my Million dollar check, I went f***ing n*ts. When I got my first $100,000 check, I was so happy. I was supposed to fight this guy but I was too young to fight. I was only 18 and in 18 you can’t fight over a certain amount of rounds.” He adds, “I was crying. You know you still get the $100,000. I was happy.”

It bears mention that Tyson has lived a life many can only dream of. It appears that in almost every instance, the legendary boxer has some insightful story to suggest and this instance is no exception to the same.

Mike Tyson revealed how he spent his first million dollars

Tyson lived a flashy life. From multi-million dollar mansions to petting tigers in them; Tyson reaped the fruits of his hard work.

In the same episode, J Balvin asked Tyson how he spent his first million dollars. To which, he candidly stated, “Anything.

Got a place, Jewellery, cars, women, alcohol, everything man, everything.”


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