Beyond The Boxing Ring: Mike Tyson’S Courageous Act Against Girl Bullies That Led To His Suspension

Mike Tyson remembers getting suspended in school for standing up against a girl bully

Mike Tyson’s childhood was harsh, but it helped him become the heavyweight champion.

Growing up Tyson used to get into fights and it stopped after he found boxing to channel all that anger.

Tyson in an interview talked about his experience in an American public school where he got bullied by girls. According to the former heavyweight champion, girl bullies used to beat him and one time he went into the washroom to fight which got him suspended.

He said: “I went to the girls’ bathroom and I got suspended. I wasn’t going in there for sexual gratification, I was too young. I was going in there to fight the girl. She hit me in the face or something and ran in the bathroom…They kicked my a***.”

It’s very hard to imagine the youngest-ever boxing heavyweight champion getting bullied by girls in school, however, it is true and Tyson as a kid couldn’t do much at that point. Nevertheless, it seems like he overcame all that and ultimately succeeded in life.

Mike Tyson on why he sends his kids to public school rather than private school

Often, celebrities talk about the debate between public and private schools, and Mike Tyson was asked about the same. His answer made a lot of sense. According to Tyson, in public schools, there are students from all parts of society, while in private schools, it’s very monotonous.


He said: “Public School, you get the diversity, you get everything coming at you….it’s all just coming at you, and you have an opportunity to choose what you’re going to do. In a private school, boom, everybody’s in the same line every day the same way no one nobody gets off the fence.” Even though private school has their benefits such as status, education, and discipline Tyson believes public schools are better.

Tyson added:

“I’m scared of those public schools for my kids because I experience that stuff.”

“You don’t think I think I want somebody to throw live acid on my kid’s face, no, but, um, if they didn’t have that opportunity, I would want them to be in public school.”

Tyson cleared up the fact that he is scared about the things that can happen to his kids in public school but it will provide a better experience of the real world.


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