A Meeting of Legends: Mike Tyson Captivates Nico Ali Walsh with a Spectacular Presentation of His Revered Pigeons

Mike Tyson who was bought to the limelight, by one of Muhammad Ali’s former trainers and Tyson’s adoptive father

Cus D’Amato has never been shy of expressing how important a place, Ali holds in his heart.  He seems to be forwarding this bond to the next generation of Ali’s boxing offspring, in Nico Ali Walsh.

Nico who is an undefeated 5-0 pro, recently gained his fourth KO victory in brutal fashion over Alejandro Ibarra under the Top-Rank banner.

On his victory tour, he made a stop at Uncle Mike’s ranch, where Mike showed Nico, his most prized possessions.

Not any of Mike’s titles or luxury gifts he received throughout the years but his flock of pigeons.


Tyson who has been notorious for his love of pigeons, since the early days of his fame showed them off to Muhammad Ali’s grandson

In a clip posted by Nico on his Instagram, Tyson can be seen instructing the young lion on how to properly handle a pigeon.

Guiding him to hold a dove and asking to place his thumbs over it’s wings so it calms down.

As Nico does that and calms the fluttering white dove, he exclaims.

“Wow” soon after which the pigeon starts fluttering again leading to Tyson releasing the bird.

When a person behind the camera asks, “How do you catch them?”



To which Mike looks around for a second before leaping his hand forward and grabbing hold of the nearest pigeon, making everyone in the Penn burst out laughing.


Mike can later be seen explaining how the birds fly around his estate.

Prompting Nico to say,“That’s not even a bird coup it’s a birdhouse”


Mike Tyson Continues his love for the Ali name by inviting Nico Ali to the Tyson Ranch

Even towards the last days of Ali’s life, Mike would be around the champ trying to cheer him up.

He was even one of the Paul-bearers at Ali’s funeral.  Mike’s love and respect for Ali were best seen in his appearance at the Arsenio Hall Show in 1989, alongside Sugar Ray Leonard and Ali himself.

When asked by Arsenio who would win in a prime for prime fight between Ali and Tyson. Despite Ali’s answer that a single land from Tyson could knock him out cold.

Tyson with brutal honesty professed, “I know I am great, but can I tell you something?  In this situation, every head must bow, every tongue must confess, (Ali) is the greatest of all time”


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