The Battle of the Heavyweights: Francis Ngannou in Intense Negotiations to Face Tyson Fury’s Formidable Rival


The former UFC heavyweight champion is looking for a mega-money boxing fight following his departure from MMA’s top promotion earlier this year.

Ngannou, 36, set his sights on throwing down with the likes of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Wilder after leaving the UFC.

And The Predator has revealed he’s held talks with the Bronze Bomber over a multi-million-pound crossover clash.

The PFL newboy told The Schmo: “We were having conversati ons earlier this year before they came out with the potential fight in December.


“So that’s why we’re going to hold that up, in order to finish his business in December, but we were serious about a two-fight deal.”



Former WBC king Wilder is open to fighting Ngannou in boxing AND mixed martial arts.

He said: “I thought about this many times. Even with Ngannou, we were talking about getting together.

“You always see the MMA guys crossing over, but you never see the boxers crossing over.

“So I said I’m willing to make it more interesting for the fans and just the whole combat family as in a whole.

“I said why don’t you come to my backyard, and after we handle business, I can come to yours and crossover, and I really meant it.

“So things are still up in the air, but I have seen myself on this side of the field.

“People will be very impressed on what I can do in my abilities to be here.”



Ngannou initially set his sights on a showdown with current WBC heavyweight champion Fury, who he’s called out multiple times on social media.

UFC president Dana White, however, has recently tried to goad Fury into fighting new heavyweight king Jon Jones – a pursuit Ngannou believes his former promoter has no chance of being successful in.

He said: “I don’t care about that. There’s a difference between what Dana White says and what Tyson Fury wants.

“So, as for right now, I think we are more likely to also have that fight, but nothing has been set up yet.

“[Fury is] not going to fight MMA. He’s not going to fight in the cage.

“He was clear about that. He’s gonna be in the ring, period.”

Ngannou also reckons Fury has no intention of following through on his vow to throw down in a hybrid boxing match.

He said: “Tyson would not be willing to do that.”

“Of course, I’d be willing to do that. Martial arts is my comfort zone, so I would definitely be happy to do that. But no, he doesn’t want that.”


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