Beyond Imagination: Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson Reveal the Unbelievable Training Methods of the ‘Marvelous’ Boxer

In one of the episodes of JRE, Joe Rogan’s guest was the boxing legend, Mike Tyson

‘Iron Mike’ and Rogan talked a lot about the combat sports world. Being one of the greatest boxers of all time, Tyson has a lot of inspiring stories to share with Rogan.

While the two were having conversations about their love for the sport. The former ‘Fear Factor’ host talked about another boxing legend who inspired him the most in his childhood.

Rogan mentioned how the boxer influenced him to get out of the house to do something worthy.


Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson talk about the “Marvelous” inspiration

Nearly four years ago, in the #1227 episode of JRE, Rogan and ‘Kid Dynamite’ sat together. During their conversation, Rogan began to talk about the boxer that inspired him the most in his childhood, and that was none other than Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

About Hagler Rogan said, “When I was a kid growing up in Boston, Hagler was the middleweight champion of the world and I used to see they used the video of him running. They played that on the news.”

Rogan added, “ He was running on the there was the dunes, sand dunes, and cape cod in the winter. Freezing cold with a hoodie on. Running, screaming war.” After listening to Rogan, Tyson called Hagler’s dedication nothing but “Crazy“.



The hard training Hagler used to do

Rogan had a lot to say about Hagler. Talking further about the great champion, Rogan added, “It was amazing Marvin Hagler want you have to just get out of your house and running in the snow, you know. He was so disciplined. That was the thing that always got out of watching him. It was so wild. He was so mentally strong. He had an iron chin and his discipline was impeccable. He was just constantly training.“

It’s not the only episode of JRE in which Rogan has talked about the International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, Hagler. While Rogan was talking with UFC light heavyweight contender Khalil Rountree, he discussed the dedication of Hangler. Rogan talked about how the boxing legend went to Cape Cod during the winter to train. Rogan further added how Hangler didn’t even get to see his kids born, as he was busy in the training camps.


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