The Cost of Neglect: Mike Tyson’s $685 Million Losses Serve as a Wake-Up Call for the Boxing Community


Before his fight against Gervonta Davis took place, Ryan Garcia went to the podcast of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

A clip from one of the segments of that episode has fans filling the comment section with love for Tyson. In the clip uploaded on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Tyson talks about how much fighters today are able to earn from just one fight compared with legends like Sugar Ray Leonard.

He then talks about how the huge amount of money boxers receive fills them with a false sense of security. “It f****n killed me”, he said. “I thought it would never stop coming”, Mike further added.


Tyson revealed that he thought that he will never have to stop buying houses and cars (as gifts) for girls and his friends. He is famous for showering women who slept with him with all sorts of luxurious gifts. This habit of his combined with substance abuse caused “The Baddest Man on the Planet” to become broke. According to Forbes, Tyson at one point had $685 million before he lost it all. He then showed his gratitude towards God and the people who helped him find ‘gigs’ that allowed him to once again get back on his feet.


His advice to the young generation was taken seriously by the boxing world. Fans’ response to the video was filled with love and support for Tyson. Many people expressed their respect for Tyson and complimented him on having the right mindset, despite going through such a tough time.


Fans listen as Mike Tyson gives financial advice to the young generation

“Being able to share them is so valuable”

“He is a genuine man.”

A fan appreciated Mike’s ability to recognize the true root of evil, which is money and ego. They noted, “Mike’s seen & spent more money in a year than I have in my life lol.”

Lastly, a fan, who was impressed by Mike’s discipline in training and boxing, reflected that when Mike speaks about the impact of money, people should pay attention. He wrote, “This is a man who pushed discipline in training and boxing to new limits. If he says money beat him then we need to pay attention”.


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