Unexpected Encounter: Mike Tyson’s Brutally Honest Take on the Phenomenon of ‘Rick and Morty’

Mike Tyson reviews the popular animated show, Rick and Morty

In a recent episode of his podcast Hotboxin, Tyson expressed his enthusiasm for the animated series ‘Rick and Morty’. He also showed his appreciation for the show’s complex storytelling and thought-provoking content despite it being an animated show.

“Did you guys ever watch Morty and the other f***ng Morty? Oh man, they’re dropping bombs, but nobody knows they’re dropping these jewels. That’s not really for kids. The kids can’t understand it.” he said.


With his reputation for unfiltered honesty, Tyson’s endorsement of ‘Rick and Morty’ is likely to pique the curiosity of fans. In addition, his review may encourage a broader audience, including adults, to give the series a chance and explore the layers of humor and hidden gems it has to offer. Moreover, given Tyson’s experience working on animated shows, his review of the show holds a lot of ground,

Mike Tyson’s cartoon career: A knockout in the world of animation

Tyson’s foray into the world of cartoons began with his animated series, aptly titled “Mike Tyson Mysteries.” The show was released in 2014 and follows a fictionalized version of Tyson, who solves mysteries with his fellow associates. The series is a homage to the popular cartoon Scooby Doo, with ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ as its protagonist.


In addition to starring in his own series, Tyson has also made notable guest appearances in other animated shows. He has appeared in popular series such as Family Guy and The Simpsons. He appeared in the third season of Family Guy where he participates in a spelling bee contest with other children. Tyson also appears in another episode named ‘Patriot Games’ where he fights in a celebrity boxing match. Moreover, he plays the role of Drederick Tatum, a boxer based on him in the Simpsons.

Whether it’s through his animated series or his memorable guest appearances, Iron Mike’s larger-than-life persona continues to make an impact, proving that he is not just a boxing legend but also a great entertainer.


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