Breaking Stereotypes: Mike Tyson’s Surprising Recognition of a 24-Year-Old Rapper’s Genius Decision


Mike Tyson is a generous father of seven kids. Well, biologically he has six children, but Tyson treats his second wife’s child like his own. He also never holds back from calling himself the father of that child. There have been multiple times when Tyson has been vocal about his parenting style, and how he’s tried to inculcate discipline in his children but never expected them to be perfect. One such time, Tyson revealed in the Joe Rogan Experience, how one of his sons wanted to be a boxer, but he refused as he knew his lifestyle wasn’t suitable to be a fighter.

Mike’s daughter, Milan Tyson, is a dedicated tennis player, so Tyson definitely knows his children more than they know themselves. ‘The Baddest Man On the Planet’ has tried to not repeat the same mistake as his father. He had once revealed a twisted relationship he had with his father. In a recent episode of his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he praised his guest, Trippie Redd, for not having any children. Now this would come as a shock to a lot of fans, but let’s discover the reason behind this statement.


This is why Mike Tyson appreciates his guest for not being a father

Tyson bluntly asks his guest, Trippie Redd, whether he has any kids or not. As Redd seemed like a responsible person, Tyson was quite curious to know whether he had any kids. Redd replied, “Hell nah“. Then Tyson stated that having kids changes a lot of things.

So, ‘Kid Dynamite’ stated in response, “Nah you’re so f***ing good, you’re a genius.” Redd laughed at this statement and then went on to explain why he doesn’t want kids at this particular time in his life. He told Tyson that he wants his children to have a perfect childhood, where everything is well-sorted for them.


Mike Tyson nodded at these statements, and he corrected Redd by saying that this can never be achieved. No matter how much you try, this is something that will always be a red herring. Tyson understands the hardships related to parenting. Once he had even revealed the time when his daughter had spoken back to him during a light-hearted conversation.

Tyson reveals how brutally honest kids can be sometimes

During another episode of his Hotboxin’ podcast, with Stephen A. Smith, Tyson revealed how once, his daughter, Milan Tyson, told him he’s “not the best dad“. He told Smith that he had asked his daughter how she felt about being related to Mike Tyson.

As he said this, Milan got baffled, and Tyson revealed what she said to him, “She said Dad what why do you talk like that you’re illiterate that’s not true that my daughter you’re not the best dad.” This took everyone on the panel by surprise.

By now, Tyson has accepted that these aspects of parenthood need to be dealt with strategically. The fighter who once didn’t take any kind of trash talk lightly, now has to bow his head in front of his own kin.


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