Brock Lesnar’s Shocking Revelation on How ‘Fake Pro Wrestling Bulls*it’ Transformed His Career with Paul Heyman


How did Brock Lesnar first meet Paul Heyman? Was that an instant thing or did it happen slowly? In reality, it was a surprising thing that made it happen and started the legendary friendship between the ‘Beast’ and his former spokesperson.

How Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman became friends?

In his book ‘Death Clutch’, the WWE superstar Brock Lesnar revealed how his and Paul Heyman’s friendship initiated in the world of Vince Mcmahon. Lesnar wrote that, during the initial years of his WWE career, he was set to work in a dark match, in a typical old-fashioned monster heel fashion but when the former WWE employee Taz heard about it, he brought Lesnar to Paul Heyman.

The ‘Beast’ further mentioned that in an instant Paul Heyman and he became very good friends and Heyman even talked to Vince McMahon for Lesnar.


Recalling the days, Brock Lesnar wrote, “One day Taz heard the stupid way they wanted me to work in a dark match—old-fashioned, plodding, monster heel, fake pro wrestling bulls*it……. Taz heard all these veterans giving me bad advice about how a big man is supposed to work……. So he took me over to meet Paul Heyman……… This is where we became instant friends……. Paul went right to Vince McMahon and went to bat for me.”


Soon enough, their behind-the-drapes friendship turned into an on-screen wrestler-manager partnership. It changed the entire scenario for Brock Lesnar. And, it also includes altering the original plan for his iconic WrestleMania match against The Undertaker.

How Paul Heyman made Vince McMahon alter the original WrestleMania plan for Lesnar

A few years ago, the ‘Wise Man’ of the ‘Bloodline’ revealed how he and Brock Lesnar changed Vince Mcmahon’s mind for his WrestleMania XXX match. Heyman said that originally, McMahon booked Lesnar to lose against the ‘Deadman’ but ‘The Beast’ had other ideas.

So as a good manager, Paul Heyman went to McMahon’s office and convinced him to alter his original plans and finally put a full stop to the WrestleMania streak of WWE legend, The Undertaker.

If we talk about the current scenario, then right now, Heyman is playing the role of ‘Wise Man’ in Roman Reigns’s ‘Bloodline’. At Mania 36, WWE Universe saw him alongside Brock Lesnar for the last time.

Even though they have separated their professional ways, it won’t be a lie if we say, Paul Heyman played a very crucial role in crafting Brock Lesnar’s glorious career in the WWE.


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