Kurt Angle Once Revealed That Many Wrestlers Had To Stop Brock Lesnar From Killing WWE Hall Of Famer In An Airplane

WWE’s return flight from the UK to the US saw some major in-flight turbulence as Brock Lesnar wanted to kill a WWE veteran who was misbehaving

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar is well known for his dominance in the squared circle. He is also one of the most private people, preferring to be alone instead of socializing. Despite knowing Lesnar very well, Curt Hennig once made him furious during their flight from the UK to the US. Kurt Angle described the incident during his podcast and said that Lesnar was about to kill Hennig for his imbecile act.

On a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle was asked to state some of Mr. Perfect’s past stories. The date was February 9, 2023; it marked twenty years since Hennig’s demise. The Olympic gold medalist then said that Curt Hennig was a great guy and that he always had a certain liking for him. Being known for mischievous acts, Angle spoke about the time when Hennig messed with Brock Lesnar and suffered the repercussions of it.


After the WWE’s European tour was successfully completed, all the stars were returning to the United States on a flight specially booked for the WWE. As Brock Lesnar was asleep, Curt Hennig was restless and made sure to annoy Lesnar by throwing stuff at him. The Beast Incarnate was pissed off by Curt’s act and threatened to kill him if he did that again.

Hennig, being a catastrophe, repeated his act and allowed Brock Lesnar to channel his anger and teach him a lesson. The incident was cooled down by others, such as Triple H and Finlay’s. Despite their interference, it increased the tension on the flight. This incident got registered in the history books as “The Plane Ride from Hell”.


The European tour from Cologne to Glasgow, Birmingham, and finally London was a success. But the return trip from London to the USA was bizarre. The return journey was completed with numerous disputes like Lesnar’s, which disturbed the sanctity of the company.


Stephanie McMahon stated Kurt Angle as a bad kisser

The WWE Universe saw a love triangle between Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H during the 2000s. As McMahon and Hunter were dating in real life, Kurt thought the angle was weird. The Olympic gold medalist also had an on-screen rivalry with The Game, as their end goal was the WWF Championship. Hence, the romantic angle proved a success.

While talking on Inside the Ropes, Kurt Angle stated that the pre-taped segment of him kissing Stephanie McMahon was awkward. It was a tough situation for The Olympic hero, as the segment was being directed by Vince McMahon. The result had him kissing Stephanie badly, which even she acknowledged.

The aftermath of the kiss saw Stephanie state to Kurt that he “kisses like a fish”. Kurt Angle justified all the scenarios that had made him awkward. He stated that she was dating HHH and that her father was present in front of him. The next few episodes saw them get along with Steph as his manager.


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