Mike Tyson’s Game-Changing Announcement: A Massive $160 Million Projected Revenue in 2023 for His 21.4 Million Fans


Boxing legend Mike Tyson has become a well-known name in the cannabis industry. As the proud owner of a 40-acre weed ranch in California, the former heavyweight champion made his foray into the newly booming marijuana industry. In 2016, he entered the business and has since created a range of cannabis products.

Moreover, Tyson even partnered with his former rival Evander Holyfield to launch cannabis edibles that pay tribute to their infamous 1997 rematch, where ‘Iron Mike’ infamously bit off a piece of Holyfield’s ear. However, it looks like the former champion is ready to expand his business into uncharted territories.


Coffeeshop Tyson 2.0: Where coffee meets Tyson’s Legacy in Amsterdam

Expanding his cannabis empire into Europe, Tyson has now embarked on a new venture in the heart of Amsterdam. This comes in the form of an exciting new coffee shop named Coffeeshop Tyson 2.0 which aims to provide visitors with a remarkable experience, combining the world of coffee with Tyson’s unique brand.

One of the standout features of Coffeeshop Tyson 2.0 is the personalized touch that Mike Tyson brings to the establishment. As a passionate entrepreneur, Tyson has been actively involved in every aspect of the coffee shop, ensuring that the quality lives up to his high standards. As a diligent owner, ‘Iron Mike’ has personally tested and approved all the products available in the shop. In addition, to celebrate their grand opening the coffee shop is hosting an exclusive giveaway.


Mike Tyson’s coffeeshop 2.0 announces an exclusive giveaway

The brand recently took to Instagram and announced a mind-boggling giveaway. The lucky winner of this will receive a flight to Amsterdam, two nights in a hotel, and exclusive branded merchandise autographed by Tyson himself. Moreover, the winner would also get to meet Tyson in person. It was also revealed that participants can enter the contest by following @coffeeshoptyson, @miketyson, and @itstyson20 on Instagram and tagging a friend in the comments section. In addition, the champ also shared the giveaway on his Instagram story with his 21.4 million followers.

However, it’s important to note that this giveaway was valid for European Union countries only. For those fortunate enough to win this remarkable prize, the trip to Amsterdam promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

Given that Tyson is projected to make $160 million in 2023, this could prove to be a great marketing strategy. With the opportunity to explore the vibrant city and meet the legendary Mike Tyson himself, this giveaway truly offers fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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