Unresolved Fury: Mike Tyson’s Unyielding Belief That His Opponent Took a Dive 27 Years Ago


Mike Tyson is renowned for his vast array of knockout moments in boxing’s history. Tyson, in his prime, was a marksman as his punches never missed the target. The young Tyson had a brutal ferocity about him, out of all 44 KO wins in 50 total victories, 27 knockouts were in the first round itself.

The ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ in his prime was a force to be reckoned with, and he even once put down his opponent in just 30 seconds. In 1986, Marvis Frazier tried to put on his defense but Tyson cracked it as he thwarted him with two right uppercuts followed by a left hook and Marvis was down.

So, ‘Iron Mike’ was definitely a monster, but there is a knockout for which Tyson refuses to take the credit as he believes, even today, that his opponent dived into that fight. In the recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Stephen A. Smith talked about one of his fights where he thought that his opponent pretended to get knocked out, and Tyson couldn’t have agreed more.


Mike Tyson talks about t he time his opponent tapped out

Both entities were having a conversation about how important it is for a fighter to be a menace inside their fighting arena. Smith talked about how Tyson didn’t have to be a menace against Bruce Seldon as he knocked himself out in that fight. This was the fight that took place at the time of Tupac Shakur’s death. Once he also humbled his guest for downplaying Tupac’s “rage”. At this, Tyson got excited and stated that he didn’t even touch him.


The fight between Seldon and Tyson took place back in 1996 when everyone believed that Tyson had knocked his opponent out in the first round with a phantom right-hand punch. However, in his recent podcast episode, Tyson has revealed that he never even touched the guy, and nobody believed him.

Stephen A. Smith could see it as well and said, “That’s been about 30 years, I’m still pissed at him.” He further explained the bout from his perspective, “Mike swings at Bruce, never hits him, Bruce goes down and by the time the referee counted to ten, Bruce was up hugging Mike. Go back and watch the tape, he was standing up and hugging Mike at the count of 10. He clearly came for the money, he didn’t come to fight.”

Well, this made Tyson happy and he even told Smith that he is the only person who has noticed as when he told his coaches about him not hitting Seldon, even they weren’t ready to believe him. What are your thoughts about this bout?


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