Mike Tyson Courageously Releases Uncensored RFK Jr. Interview Amid Media Suppression

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy

He has grabbed all the attention after announcing his intention to compete in the 2024 Presidential election. However, he discusses controversial topics such as vaccine inefficiency in various podcast appearances.

It has made YouTube censor his speeches as it may or may not go against their misinformation policies. Nevertheless, Mike Tyson will not be silenced as he conducted an interview with RFK Jr and uploaded it on the Rumble platform.


On Tyson’s podcast on YouTube, the legendary boxer interviewed RFK Jr, but YouTube removed the video. In retaliation, Mike Tyson uploaded the same video on his Rumble channel. The irony remains that Tyson interviewed RFK Jr sometime after 2020, and YouTube removed it after nearly three years. Journalist Matt Orfalea was the one who noticed the removal of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s interviews from Tyson.


Mike Tyson showed why he remains a big name in the pop-culture sphere. Tyson hosts prominent personalities to express their voices and did not like YouTube censoring his video. YouTube never revealed the details of why they took the video down other than stating it violated community guidelines.


What did Mike Tyson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discuss in their censored episode?

The podcast episode removed on YouTube featuring Mike Tyson and RFK Jr delved into topics such as birds, the CIA, vaccines, and family. RFK Jr and Tyson shared a love for pigeons while discussing controversial topics.

Controversial in the sense that it would make the mainstream media and government officials worry about the details revealed through the discussion. RFK Jr. detailed the involvement of his father and uncle in politics and their deaths in the 1960s.


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