Joe Rogan’s Candid Encounter Reveals Mike Tyson’s Unexpected Antipathy Towards Starbucks

Mike Tyson is a man of many talents

He has built a huge fortune, with the help of his boxing talents. Mike remains one of the greatest heavyweights to grace the sport and would remain just in his place, especially for the show he put on for 25 years in a row. Even outside of the ring, Tyson was one hell of a character. Although he made questionable choices at times, the boxing world still keeps him at a high place.

It must be noted that Tyson has had beef with many notable entities before. But it is surprising to know that he refuses to even enter Starbucks, a coffee store known for its high-quality caffeine-based products. Although there are many who might not prefer coffee, it looks like Tyson holds himself to a high standard.



In the past, the former heavyweight champ has mentioned on Joe Rogan‘s podcast, “Tea, never coffee.” The MMA commentator was left baffled by Iron Mike’s revelation. Rogan asked, “No one ever offered you a cup of coffee? You never went to Starbucks?”

The former boxer mentioned that he had never been to Starbucks, but only for some tea and donuts. Mike’s love for tea goes deeper than one would have expected, as suggested by his interview from years ago.

Mike Tyson’s unique food experiences doesn’t end with tea

Mike has had quite the connection with tea as well. In the past, he featured in an interview with Versus. The show was called ‘Tea with Mike Tyson’ and it looks like there was good reasoning behind this name as well. The boxing legend revealed to Reese Waters that he had an aversion toward only one type of food, and it isn’t something we know about Tyson.


Waters aimed to start the interview by offering Mike some cannolis. But Mike shut him off right away and expressed his hate for the food.

He said, “Let me tell you, I grew up — I hate cannolis. I hate to watch my mentor choke and still talk of these things. He loved it. They’re too sweet, you know, I just never got into these things. They’re like a curse to me. They’re just horrible… I examined. And that’s how I come under those circumstances with the relationship with Mike Tyson-cannolis.”

Mike doesn’t dislike the pastry because of his health habits now, but mainly because of the taste. For those who don’t know, Tyson became vegan, and follows a strict fitness schedule, which explains his physique even at 56 years old.


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