Uncovering Resilience: Mike Tyson’s Surprising Bedroom Habit Offers Protection in the Face of Torture


Mike Tyson has been quite the personality in the sporting world. His character has come under question on multiple occasions, mainly because of his questionable choices at times. There have been various controversies he was involved in, but a certain case really changed his life massively.

Iron Mike was accused of r*pe in the early 1990s and was later convicted in 1992. The judge sentenced him to serve imprisonment, but that was quite a time for Tyson too.

Mike has revealed in the past, “I got in trouble like the first six months and stuff, cursing, getting written up. And then by that time, I got the hang of the place. ‘Hey, I know how to do this. Next thing you know, I’m dating one of the counsel workers now, she’s letting me have sex with her now. So I’m going well. But the first six months I was getting write-ups, I have to pay that year back.”

Tyson did not have an easy time behind bars as well. It must be admitted that he wasn’t exactly one to always follow the norms. He admitted that he got on the bad book’ of the prison system, but found himself an unorthodox way of getting back on track.


A closer look at Mike Tyson’s 1992 r*pe case

The boxing legend was just 26 years old at the time, and he was sentenced to serve six years in prison. The punishment came after the judge ruled that he was guilty of r*pe. Not many know the actual details of the case, but that’s mainly because of how the woman kept her identity a secret.


In March 1992, a woman, who was a beauty pageant contestant, alleged that Tyson r*ped her in his hotel room, as per reports. Sources claim that she was 18 years old at the time. After a long and tiring two weeks of trial, Tyson was convicted by the judge and he had to serve time. It looks like he had a hard time adjusting to prison life initially. But time with one of the counsel workers’ helped Tyson gain more than he expected.

He said, “I’m like a star pupil prisoner. Trusty, everything. Then, ‘Hey Mike, remember the first six months you were a prick?’ Boom. They gave me another year. So by passing the GED [General Education Department] they took that year away. So I flunked the f***ing GED and got mad, and so I had to start dating this counsellor and stuff, giving her money and doing really some nasty stuff to her, and she let me pass this test.”

Mike admitted that he failed the GED test, but once he met a woman who was willing to help him, he capitalized on the opportunity. The former boxer openly admitted that he had intercourse with her in prison. That eventually led him to pass the test that once held him back.


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