Speculations Arise as John Fury Expresses Willingness to Take on Unexpected Competitors: Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson, Mike Tyson?


Fancy your chances against big John Fury?

Well, if you have the cash and you’re not a bum, sign up here. Oh, and no dossers either.

Besides that, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s dad is happy to take on anyone in the world.

“John Fury is ready to go,” the man himself told talkSPORT. “I’m just talking dollars, because I don’t get one pound off my son.

“And if I can earn a few quid this late on in life, I will fight anybody for the right kind of money.


“Any man with gloves, John Fury will fight him. Just talk to me, agree a price with me, and I’m there. But I’m not cheap.”

In the wacky new world of celebrity boxing, the experienced John Fury isn’t just in it for a quick pay day.

This is a former bare-knuckle fighter, boxer and cornerman: fighting is in his blood.


“Anybody in the world with a fat chequebook, because I ain’t bothered! But there’s one thing you’ll get out of John Fury and that’s a proper fight,” he added.


“That’s why nobody is going to ring my phone! Because I’m not into exhibitions.


“I’ll say before the fight, ‘I’ll give it you and you try and give it me, pal, may the best man win’.

“I’ll shake their hand afterwards and buy them a pint of beer afterwards, that goes to any man in the world.

“But dossers and bums need not apply.”


World’s strongest men Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson? Not a problem. Baddest man on the planet Mike Tyson? Bring him on.

Or, erm, boxing cult hero Eric Butterbean. That was talkSPORT host Simon Jordan’s suggestion…

The ex-Crystal Palace owner joked: “Who should John Fury fight? How about getting Butterbean out of retirement? Get Eric Butterbean to come and fight John Fury.

“They’re the same age group, John is 57, Butterbean is 55. I think that would be a fight.”


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