Unprecedented Battles: Hafthor Bjornsson’s Ambition to Fight Mike Tyson and Eddie Hall Creates Buzz in the Boxing World


Hafthor Bjornsson admitted it would be an ‘honour’ to fight Mike Tyson and admits he wouldn’t be able to say no to that matchup.

Thor has caught the eye after switching from being World’s Strongest Man to boxing in an effort to settle his rivalry with nemesis Eddie Hall.

The Icelandic star has dropped around 55kg and completely transformed his body as he takes the change in sport very seriously.

He was due to face ‘The Beast’ next weekend, but that was postponed due to Hall suffering a detached bicep that required surgery.


Stepping up into his place in Dubai is arm wrestling star Devon Larratt, but the fight with the British strongman is still due to take place next year.

Once he has fought Hall, speculation will naturally turn to who Bjornsson may fight next.

When asked about facing a legendary heavyweight like Tyson, he said: “If Mike Tyson would want to fight me, I wouldn’t say no. I would be honoured to feel his power.”



Thor, who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones, has documented his journey on his road to his fight with Hall.


Even though the opponent may have changed, he remains focused on the task ahead.


He said: “I will keep on training; I’ll focus on getting better as an athlete. Get my body more used to this boxing lifestyle.

“I will become a machine. There is no way I will stop. I have to stay focused. I’m in it to win it.”

On his rival Hall, Thor added: “I don’t hate the guy, but I still want to beat him up.

“Not that I’m a violent person, but the things he has said to my family and to my teammates, it’s just so over the top that I feel like I have to get him back somehow and that’s the best way, to knock him out.”


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